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Jan 20

Moved over to Blogger

On the off chance that anybody ever stops by to read the two posts I have here….

I decided I liked the new Blogger UI redesign and have moved to:

Jul 30

PHP Doesn’t (have to) Suck

I was dragged into coding PHP kicking and screaming. I was asked to complete an unfinished project and because of my previous experience coding in C++ I looked down my nose at PHP. 

When I started, I wanted to throw my laptop out the window on a daily basis. Yesterday, however, I realized working with PHP was such a pleasure that the day passed by in a flash.

Initially I thought PHP sucked because:

But now I find myself, surprisingly, thinking “PHP Rocks”. And it’s because of the same reasons:

So now I’m starting to understand why a lot of large sites were built using PHP. Facebook, Wikipedia, Digg, etc. It can be quite pleasant to code in, is easy to learn, and is available as free open-source code. Although, it is possible to write PHP code that sucks ( and my early attempts may be great examples of this!), it doesn’t have to be like that. With some discipline, anybody can write PHP code that rocks!

Things I have learned (from painful experience) so far are:

I’m sure this list could be expanded quite a bit… Whatever is on that final list, I probably only know 1% of it, since I learn something new every day. But as I keep learning more about how to be a better PHP programmer, I’ll keep blogging about it.

Jul 11


Every blog seems to start out with an introductory post where the author introduces themselves and discusses their (frequently unfulfilled) expectations for the blog. So who am I to bypass this grand tradition?

My name is Ron van Buskirk and I’m a User Experience Designer/Programmer in the Boulder, CO, USA area. I work with an open source LAMP ( Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP ) stack, creating tools that automate and re-engineer internal processes for my employer.

About the title of this blog… I work remotely, but like being surrounded by people. So I circulate around coffee shops, bookstores and libraries in Boulder county seeking a strong wi-fi connection and a (properly prepared) hot chocolate.

If you are part of the throngs of people seeking a blog combining reviews of cafes in Boulder county with news and opinions about open source web development — look no further! This (hopefully) is the blog for you :-D